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IBM SmarterCommerce Tampa, FL – Moments Matter

(May 2014)
Looking back at the last three days spent at the IBM conference the key message that came out was – Content is not the king – Context is !!!

Context enables us to create amazing one on one relationships and to be able to do that at scale is critical for the business – moments only matter when they entertain the customer and matter collectively as they become hyper relevant. We win or lose a customer with click or swipe in this era of digital economy. Businesses that will succeed into the future will have data as a new basis of competitive advantage.

Goal of MPS is to be able to create Systems of engagement to drive innovation in the way our clients engage their customers anytime anywhere across Web, Mobile, Kiosk, Retail and Social. The importance to create one experience across the omni-channels and be able to transition the customer in context across will be powerful to create an engaging experience to help conversions. Creating a cognitive commerce experience where the page renders based on the search terms of the customers such as “I want to go white water rafting – what do I need??” using power of IBM Watson and IBM Commerce.

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